Opposing Edges Both

Opposing Edges

Meant to be printed at A3 size, with the two versions of the illustration displayed back-to-back.

The technological advancements of the internet age are one of the best examples of a figurative double-edged sword. The effect of having these technological advancements is that humans are more connected than ever before, with unprecedented access to more information than any one person could ever consume. It’s impossible to objectively determine whether this effect is good or bad.

One of the best positive aspects of this connectedness is finding people who understand and support you. We can build support networks which validate our identities, offer counsel, and amplify marginalised voices. People who are unable to find support locally can now reach out to anywhere in the world for that support. Our voices can travel to the farthest reaches of the globe depending on where they need to be heard. We are also able to learn about cultures, events, and aspects of human identity which we might not have previously understood.

On the other hand, giving people access to you lets negativity reach you as well. Anyone, especially a person belonging to one or more marginalised groups, is likely to have experienced virtual attacks. Perpetrators have gone as far as illegally obtaining personal information online in order to physically assault victims. But even run-of-the-mill hateful comments play a part in perpetuating a culture where some groups continue to be oppressed.

The world, its people, and its technology will inevitably continue to change and grow. It’s up to us as humans to prevent the negative aspects of this change from outweighing the positive.

Media: Procreate, Photoshop