Perfect Storm

Made as a response to the concept of “self-annihilation in the pursuit of happiness”.

We are all members of societies, and societies expect us to function according to a certain pattern. Achieve certain goals by a specific age, work in a predefined manner, and hold ourselves to externally defined standards. For some people, this causes a perfect storm. We are both unable to satisfy this pattern and are hyper-conscious of others’ perceptions of us. We try to be what we “should” be because we fear derision, hoping that we can somehow achieve happiness this way. But we end up overloading on anxiety instead and feeling like losers in a race that we were never meant to run in the first place.

I tried to represent this struggle, to be a kind of person who one really isn’t, in a literal way with the subject’s body. I contorted her body in a practically impossible way to reflect the internal struggle.

Media: Procreate, Photoshop