Out Of Body by Linda Vuorenvirta

Out Of Body

This illustration started with a sketch I did one night when I was feeling upset. It’s a difficult concept to explain in words, but I’ll try.

I sometimes have an experience where I momentarily feel kind of “out of body”. I don’t mean anything momentous or supernatural, like astral projection or something like that. It’s a moment when my thoughts run through a situation that I’m currently experiencing, but I kind of forget that I’m actually experiencing it in real life. When I’ve gone through the whole situation, for a fraction of a second I think “what if this happened in real life”? Then I immediately realise that it has happened in real life, and it wasn’t just a daydream or musing. To be poetic, it’s at that moment that my mind kind of rushes back into my physical body and I return to reality. I hope that makes some kind of sense!

Media: Pen on paper, Photoshop

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