Bitter Lands Poster by Linda Vuorenvirta

Bitter Lands Art

Bitter Lands was my master’s thesis project.

Summary of Story

It is a sci-fi/fantasy tale which is largely set in the North American badlands. It starts when a warrior named Tazek accidentally opens a rip in space-time. Tazek comes from an alternate universe plagued by energy-eating monsters. He accidentally transports himself and many monsters to our universe through the space-time rip.

The monsters kill the sister of a young woman named Mira. Mira then convinces Tazek to train her and give her a weapon to fight against the monsters. She is later joined by Stephan, a runaway young man from a broken family. Stephan’s own attack leads to him gaining the ability to sense the monster’s presence, and he and Mira end up working together.

Visual Materials

I created a mock “teaser trailer” as part of my thesis. You can watch the teaser trailer here: my thesis film.

You can also read the full text of Bitter Lands here.

Below are posters, character illustrations, and other supplemental materials from my project.

Media: Pencil on paper, Photoshop, Illustrator