About Me

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My name is Linda Jasmiina Vuorenvirta, and I am a multi-purpose creative based in Helsinki, Finland.

I have been pursuing creative interests for as long as I can remember. My parents encouraged me to explore these interests, and I remember drawing countless pictures and creating short illustrated storybooks even as a young child.

For high school, I studied visual art at A. W. Dreyfoos Jr. High School of the Arts. This programme included several branches of fine art, including drawing, painting and sculpture. I developed a great love of figure drawing at Dreyfoos, and almost all of my work still includes figures to this day. I also explored a bit of mixed-media work, such as printmaking and collage.

For undergraduate college I attended The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University, and received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in animation. Animation is a field of art that I became interested in around my early teens, but did not really have a chance to pursue until later. Disney films and other great animated classics played a large part in developing my love for the field. Alongside animation I developed my skills in illustration and design. I graduated in May 2011.

I received a graduate degree (Master of Arts) from Aalto University’s School of Arts, Design and Architecture. I studied New Media Design and Production in the Media Lab. My primary area of interest was 3D animation, although I also explored graphic design (apps and websites), wearable tech and game design.

Having finished my MA degree, I found myself inexplicably drawn to more tactile creative fields such as cake decorating and textiles. I began to build up my skills in confectionary arts, spurred on largely by the 2010s food TV trend of cake competitions and documentaries (Thanks, Duff Goldman!) I also took my lifelong interest in clothing design and construction further, teaching myself how to draw patterns and make better fitting clothing. Mostly I use these skills for creating character costumes and special themed outfits, but I make regular clothes too. I can make curtains as well, but those are perhaps not as interesting!

I am available for freelance work in any of the above fields. (Although I don’t think I can deliver a cake outside of Finland!)

You can e-mail me at: lvuorenvirta [at] gmail.com (replacing the [at] with a @, of course), or use the below form to get in touch!